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ODM Loofah Bath Pad No Stimulation Flower Shape Natural Body Scrubber

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100% natural sisal bath pad is specially designed to combine stimulating, cleansing with gentle exfoliating, while the massage nubs provide relaxation of muscles. Use regularly with your favorite shower gel or body cleanser for healthier and silkier skin.To use, wet sisal and apply liquid cleansing gel, then gently brush your body.

Rinse and hang to dry after each use.   


Competitive Advantage:

  1.  100% natural, no stimulation to skin

  2.  quickly wipe off dirt, tallow oil and dead skin

  3.  promote blood circulation and metabolism

  4.  feel comfortable and vigorous after using

  5.  soften ,smooth skin and delay the aging of skin after long use


1.It can produce rich and exquisite foam,convenient for cleaning

2.long-term use can make skin more smooth and elastic does't hurt the skin ,delays and reduce wrinkles

4.can massager any part of your body

5.can stimulate blood circulation

6.can remove dead skin and make your body smooth and shiny

7.any size,color,logo canbe customize

8.excellent quality and competitive price

9.convenient to transport,safe,quicker


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